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Set Your Plans in Motion!

They dreamed it, you've planned it....Now, share the vision!

Imagine exploring your client's dream house or new corporate headquarters before it is even built! Log Rhythms helps set your plans in motion with state-of-the art 3D renderings and computer-simulated fly-arounds that will make your sales soar!

How it works:

Our process starts with the initial concepts coming from you, in the form of floor plans, elevations, exterior and/or interior material choices, interior furnishings, landscape plans, all of which we are able to assist you in obtaining. With a site visit, digital photographs are taken to incorporate an accurate background, moving the project from a vision to reality. Samples of our progress will be provided until the final animation or still renderings are approved for artistic interpretation and quality. The final format can be tailored for TV commercials, print, web site, or DVD. Movies generate thousands of frames, any of which can be used for individual still renderings (printed images). This is true economy of scale!

We are taking technology to the next level - if they say a picture is worth a thousand words, what is a movie worth?

Lee Marie Steckler, President

What we do is create "eye candy" that explains a vision or a concept in a way that doesn't necessarily require words. We work from plans, maps, and computer generated images to bring dreams into reality so that people can connect visually to an abstract idea.

Greg Steckler, Vice President
  • Exterior and interior architectural animations
  • Custom homes designs, specializing in log homes. Each of our designs include a 3D animated movie as part of the design process
  • Proof of concept animations
Want to see examples? We thought you might! Click here
61283 Ring Bearer Court Bend, Oregon 97702
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